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Spider Control Service in Northwestern Ohio

The Critter Getter Rids Your Home of Spiders

Spiders are creepy and can scare the bravest of people when they see them crawling across the ceiling, up walls or on furniture or taking up space in a bathtub, shower or sink. Spiders respond well to treatments. Nobody wants to see them in their home or business, but when you start seeing the sudden or gradual development of cobwebs, it is a good sign that there is a spider infestation. When you want the spiders and the cobwebs out of your Northwestern Ohio home as fast as possible, call The Critter Getter at (419) 421-1234.

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Some Tips for Keeping Spiders Away From Your Home

Are you confused about what to do if you start seeing cobwebs around? There are some simple things you can do around the home or business if you have a small number of spiders before you call The Critter Getter for help, including:

  • Keep your home clean and tidy
  • Keep food covered because uncovered food attracts flies and ants, and spiders feed on on flies and ants.
  • Fill in cracks in your walls, windows and doors.
  • Keep plants away from the house perimeter

Most Spider Bites are Not Poisonous

Most spiders are not poisonous, but their bites can be irritating and lead to other problems. Common House Spiders will only bite when they feel threatened. Pay attention to the bite mark and see a doctor if you are worried about it. Some spiders found inside Northwestern Ohio homes and businesses include:

  • Yellow Sac Spider
  • Wolf Spider
  • Longlegged Sac Spider
  • Spitting Spider
  • Longbodied Cellar Spider
  • Barn Funnel Weaver

There are Over 500 Recognized Spider Species in Ohio

There are over 500 recognized spider species in Ohio, ranging from the Common House Spider to the Southern Black Widow Spider. Most of these spiders are not found in homes or businesses, but there are some that like to slip into homes through cracks, open windows and on boxes and other items brought in from the outside.

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Technicians Will Inspect Your Home for Spiders

The Critter Getter technicians will arrive at your site in our unmarked vehicles, inspect your home or business for spiders, communicate with you about what we have found and begin the process of eradicating the spiders. We try to minimize the use of insecticides and come up with a program to fix the problem. We know that you want these creepy crawlies out of your home or business as fast as possible, so we will respond and work quickly.

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