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Retail Pest Control Products in Northwestern Ohio

The Critter Getter has a Complete Line of Products Available for Purchase

The Critter Getter carries a complete line of pest control products that are available for purchase. These are commercial grade products not available in the big box stores. These are the same products we would be using in your home if you contacted us to do pest control. Products for ants, roaches, bed bugs, mice, rats, spiders, stink bugs. We provide instruction on use before the sale and consultation after the sale to ensure correct use. These products must be used correctly to be efficient. Printed instructions are included with all products. Call us at (419) 421-1234 to check on our inventory of retail pest control products.


Be Careful Before Applying These Wasp & Hornet Products

Wasps and hornets can be dangerous if you disturb their nests or just get close to them. They can sting their victims many times. The Critter Getter recommends that you be very careful and spray the nests in the evening. We will provide instructions on how and when to spray their nests.

ant chemicals

Products are Available to Eliminate Insects, Spiders & More

The Critter Getter has many retail pest control products available for homeowners and business owners who want to get rid of insects, rodents, fleas, spiders, and other pests themselves. Many of these products control more than one insect pest. All products are non-repellent as to not push to another location. Wasp, hornet and yellow jackets products are available, but you have to be careful with their use. All retail products are ready to use in aerosol cans. There is no mixing required.

bait trap

Get Rid of Rats & Mice with Tamper Resistance Bait Stations

Tamper resistant refillable control bait stations are available from The Critter Getter for control of rats, mice and other rodents. Bait stations are the safest way to eliminate rodents around children and pets. Rodent control products cannot be loosely broadcasted, or scattered, where children and pets can come into contact. Rodents are some of the toughest pests to get rid of in your home or business because they are wary of anything new in the environment.

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