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Mole Control Services in Northwestern Ohio

The Critter Getter Will Halt the Moles' Tunnel Digging

Moles cause extensive damage to landscaping turf grass of homes and businesses in Northwestern Ohio. While moles look like rodents, they are not. They belong to the group of mammals called insectivores. They generally do not exceed 6 inches in length, typically weigh close to 3 ounces and have extremely tiny eyes that are basically a thin membrane behind their snout. Most species have webbed front claws that make them especially capable diggers. A sign that you have moles in your lawn is large mounds of dirt appearing on top of the grass after digging their tunnels. Call The Critter Getter at (419) 421-1234 to eliminate moles.

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Digging Increases on Damp Days or After Rain

Eastern Moles live their entire lives underground. Moles do not hibernate and have a tremendous appetite. They are active day and night throughout the year, but their digging is most visibly active in Northwestern Ohio during the spring and fall on damp days or following rain showers.

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Mole Control is Most Effective During the Spring & Fall

Mole control is most effective when performed in the spring and the fall when mole activity is at a peak. Control should begin as quickly as possible to keep damage to a minimum. The Eastern Mole, which is grayish-brown in color, is the most numerous and widespread in the Eastern United States, and it is responsible for most of the complaints concerning mole damage to lawns and gardens.

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Eliminating Moles with a Bait That Mimics Their Natural Food

If you do not handle your mole problem properly, moles can quickly colonize and spread their damage throughout your property. Moles can be eliminated by using a bait that mimics their natural food. Moles feed on worms but supplement their diet with insects and their larvae. Mole treatments require several days of good weather for their bait to hold up. Bait placements are marked with flags so we get even distribution of the baits. Even though it appears there are many moles in your yard, there are not as many as it appears.

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