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General Pest Control

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Pest Management Services in Northwestern Ohio

The Critter Getter Eliminates Rodents, Spiders & Nuisance Insect Pests

Have mice and rats taken up residence in your home, garage or shed? Have spiders invaded your home or business, and you have been unsuccessful in killing all of them? Then it is time to contact The Critter Getter at (419) 421-1234 for the best general pest control and inspections in Northwestern Ohio.









Take Preventative Measures to Keep Pesky Insects Away

No matter how clean your home or business is, pests of all kinds can creep in on pets, clothes and shoes. The Critter Getter’s integrated pest management and control services, maintenance plans and some preventative measures by you can keep them from coming back. We have been winning the battle against insects since 1989.

Here Are Some Helpful Tips to Follow

There are many things you can do as a homeowner, landlord or business owner to make sure pests do not take up residence in your home or business. Some tips to follow to keep unwanted visitors include:

  • Regularly vacuum underneath furniture
  • Do not allow water to collect anywhere outside
  • Keep your garbage covered
  • Seal all possible pest entry points to your home
  • Keep open food boxes tightly sealed in plastic bags
  • Consider installing chimney caps
  • Areas where pipes, cables & wires enter walls should be sealed
  • Do not leave pet food at night
  • Cut tall grass near your home
  • Stack firewood off of the ground
  • Keep your gutters clean
  • Keep all food areas clean
  • Check storage area for rodents
  • Do not allow food, trash, decaying wood to remain on your property
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Regular Pest Control Maintenance is Available

Depending on the service and what pest you want to get rid of, some treatments only need one application. Others will need two or more treatments a year. We will recommend a service for your home or business that works for you. Call us to set up a time when we come to your home or business in our unmarked and secure vehicles. Monthly pest control inspections and treatments for commercial accounts, factories, warehouses and offices are available.

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