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Flea Control Services in Northwestern Ohio

Fleas Can Cause Big Problems with Dogs, Cats & Humans

Fleas are tiny and dark-colored, but they can create big, persistent problems with your dog or cat and even you. Eggs that are laid on dogs or cats can be distributed throughout the home as the pet scratches to relieve the itching. Fleas feed on the blood of their host. While the bites are typically not painful, they can become increasingly itchy and inflamed. Call The Critter Getter at (419) 421-1234 to get started on treatment.

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Homeowners Can Try to Eliminate Fleas on Their Own

Homeowners can try to eliminate fleas that show up in bedding, floors, rugs, furniture, dog houses, and cat scratchers. Over-the-counter products like flea bombs and foggers will not get the job done. Pets with flea problems should be treated and maintained with a veterinarian-approved flea control product.

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The Critter Getter is the Best Way to Kill Fleas

The best way to control fleas is to contact The Critter Getter. With over 28 years of experience in wiping out fleas, we will break the reproductive cycle of fleas with an aggressive and persistent treatment. After we arrive in our unmarked vehicles, we will need you and the family out of the home for a few hours while we apply the flea control product. The product is designed to kill adult fleas and developing fleas on contact.


Flea Treatments are a Procedure, Not an Event

Flea treatments by The Critter Getter usually result in an immediate decrease in adult fleas in the home. Further treatments might follow because it is common to still see some fleas within a week after the treatment. The fleas that were in larval stages of development at the time of the first treatment need to come into direct contact with the insecticide. They should die within a few hours of contact with residual contact. The Critter Getter can offer you tips on flea prevention, including daily vacuuming.

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