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Bat Removal Service in Northwestern Ohio

The Critter Getter Evicts Bats Rather Than Killing Them

The Critter Getter is called upon to remove bats from attics, chimneys and bedrooms in Findlay, Tiffin and Northwestern Ohio. Little Brown Bats are the most likely to take up residence in your Northwestern Ohio home, and they need to be removed. We do that with bat exclusions rather than killing bats, which are beneficial to the environment. When you need a bat removed, call us at (419) 421-1234.

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Bats Can Create Health Problems for Homeowners

Attic damage is among the problems that bats create for homeowners. Bats contaminate insulation by defecating and urinating on insulation. The bat guano can present a hazard to anyone breathing the spores, and it must be cleaned up. Bats also carry rabies and the mysterious White Nose Syndrome.

Little Brown Bats are Among the Most Common in the Area

Little Brown Bats are one of the most common bats to be living in Northwestern Ohio homes and prefer to roost in attics, shutters and bat houses. During the winter, the Little Brown Bat can be found hibernating in walls and attics, waking roughly every two weeks and sometimes entering a home accidentally. They can be identified by a 10-inch wingspan and a reddish-brown to dark-brown coat.

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Little Brown Bats' Population Has Declined

Little Brown Bats are common throughout Northwestern Ohio and was considered to be the most abundant species in Ohio before White-nose Syndrome caused the population to decline. Large colonies of Little Brown Bats can inhabit hot attics or barns. They can be identified by a 10-inch wingspan and a reddish-brown to dark-brown coat and can usually be found over water capturing insects.

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We Evict Bats in the Safest Way Possible

After The Critter Getter technician arrives in our unmarked and secure vehicle, he will exclude bats in the most efficient and safest way possible using the most modern technology and equipment. Bat removal should only be done by a qualified professional because of the dangers involved. We can advise you how to bat-proof your home to make sure bats do not return.

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